Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Review

Having a pet means having a best buddy and a family as well. Taking care of them is a good diversion from stress, but also having them deals with many factors that can contribute to your stress as well.

That mini heartbeat race in your chest you get to feel like a paw parent when you realize your pet is missing in action. Tracking them is difficult plus time-consuming, and missing posters nowadays are no longer effective.

Hence, the advancement of technology today aims to cater to the needs of pet owners who wanted to give the best care for their pets. This leads to the birth of pet tracker for smarter pet-loving individuals.

Tracking and monitoring devices are existent and had been used for pets. A new branch of computer science was formed called Animal-Computer Interface (ACI). That aims to improve the efficiency of human-animal communications to establish the so-called animal welfare science further.

It was found that even a simple GPS enabled collar attached can enhance the human-animal interaction.  Having an effective communication can encourage a deeper sense of a relationship between the pet and the owner. Thus, the pets will be more dependable to their owners.

Moreover, according to a certified-applied animal behaviorist and the vice president of ASPCA, Dr. Emily Weiss, that it is highly recommended to have the pets tracked and monitored because of the excessive number of reported lost pets.

A survey was done and numbers reported from the National Lost and Found Pets conducted by the group of American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), shows that there is an estimated 93% of all dogs that were reported lost for the past five consecutive years have been returned and reunited with their respective owners fortunately through the dog tracking devices installed to them.

Pet tracking now made easier through the latest design developed by the Whistle Company. The company is proclaiming their very own Whistle 3 pet tracker and activity monitor. That enables the owners to keep in touch and track their pets’ daily activities effectively.

Whistle 3 GPS, the newest edition of pet tracker that merely looks like a small gray box, is a compact multi-functional pet tracker. It is more like a Fitbit made especially for pets that work more than just a fancy collar accessory.

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It is a developed product from a smart technology that assures to help you keep your tabs updated on what and where your pets are up to.

It can follow your pet’s location even over the last 24 hours to check where they have been to and creates a trip every time your pet leaves and returns using the Wi-Fi connection.

It has an advanced tracking that is anchored with national coverage that can locate anywhere in the U.S. using GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi technology. Also, it sends and gets emails, application and text messages that will automatically notify as soon as your pet leaves in its safe spot.

It is a 24/7 activity monitor that tracks your dog daily adventures and rest to help them maintain their desirable body weight and shape appropriate for their age and breed.

With that, you can keep an eye on their movements, and their corresponding rests while checking their progress with the goals you had set for them. Also, you can customize places of your choice to keep them tracked from wherever you may be.

You can even connect it to multiple Wi-Fi networks whether at home or in the office or any place of your choice. It comes with a handy five-pin connector that is protected internally.

Anytime, you may able to plug the activity tracker into your computer device to gather the necessary data. Also, it has a small port along with it that can be converted into a USB port that makes it easier to sync with any available computer in the market.

Whistle 3 durability is IP67 rated, designed especially to suit your dogs’ behavior whether they are in its ecstasy of being hyped up. It is carefully sealed to withstand harsh environments and to keep its excellent performance even when they are exposed to their wild adventure.

Getting wet is no longer an issue even if it is immersed in the water for an extended period since it is Rated IPX7 which is guaranteed waterproof.

Its built-in lithium battery had the longest-lasting battery of its kind that can last up to 1 week and it only takes two hours to recharge. Battery life is influenced by the potency of your Wi-Fi and cellular phone coverage.

However, fortunately, you can set it in power save mode whenever you are in the range of a Wi-Fi safe place and even uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It syncs with Apple iOS 10.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later.

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Paw parenting activities can be upgraded through the distinct features, and brilliant software of Whistle 3 pet tracker that has all-in-one activity tracker with a practical and accurate location tracking that can track your pets’ daily leisure of activities.

  • User-friendly program- It has a user-friendly program installed, and you may download the application for free and begin the set-up. When everything is set, accessing all the information is as easy as unveiling the application. You can set up the app to send you to alert text or email when your pet goes in or out of Wi-Fi range place. The battery lasts up to ten days whenever it is within Wi-Fi range. It notifies you when the battery is getting low and when it is fully charged to prevent overcharging.
  • Notification Updates- Whistle 3, with its promise of security, the device will abruptly show you the GPS screen and tell you the recent whereabouts of your pets and the time they left the safe zone you had set upon. Notifications are delivered through push which is from the attached application, or you can personalize it more by encoding your cellular phone numbers or email address so it can notify people who didn’t installed the app yet. This is also helpful for individuals who live in the countryside where there is a vast scope of an area to locate.
  • Double effect benefits – There is also an active mode to give you a sense of how many minutes of exercise your pet is getting each day and feel at peace while your dog run-off leash on its own. The GPS location tracker is rapid and precise. You can jog and or hike with your dog without having troubled and tangled with a long leash. Also, your pet at the same time can have its time to play without being pulled off and or dragged by and during vacation or camping out of town, you can bring your pet and you both can enjoy the bliss minus the leash and you being hassled.
  • Complements to your pets’ health and lifestyle- It is shock-resistant, waterproof and sturdy enough to go along with your pets’ rugged lifestyle. It also has a rudimentary tracking of your pet’s activity level based on the movement of the device. Helps maintain your pets’ weight that is appropriate to their breed and size.
  • Escape No More- Having monitored, your pets will tend to be more disciplined and trained to stay in their safe spots. Thus, these pets that apt to be escape artists can be prevented. With this, it will give a huge impact on the number of lost pets acquired each year.


  • Software Issues –Setting up the process to some might take longer since it doesn’t sync with all your devices and requires Bluetooth to connect. There are times that the battery goes down after being overcharge and battery life depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi that sometimes wouldn’t take days to last, and it needs to have compatible cellular networks. When used in rural areas where there are minimal cell towers, its data location might not be accurate, since it depends on the cellular and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Connection Matters- Outdoor activities can be limited since it requires you to be in a Wi-Fi range place or with strong signals to connect with the tracker. The GPS location tracker is only made available within the U.S. that makes it less functional when used abroad. Also, there are times that the tracker cannot tell you the exact location of your pet even within the safe zone, so if your pet is hiding or hurt, you will need to change your safe zone and then disable your Wi-Fi connection to find your pet. If your pet is underneath something and not out in the wide yard, it will be difficult to pinpoint the precise spot.
  • Design Compatibility- With its square design, it will tend to look bulky when attached to small breed animals since it will bulge on their lower neck that will be annoying for them particularly the cats. It compels you to have at least 1” wide collar so that it will be tightly attached otherwise; the tracker might loosen its grip and fall-off.

Product Details

Whistle 3 as a compact pet tracker and activity monitoring device is small but not tiny having the dimension of 1.45” width, 1.82” height and 0.61” in thickness. It is light enough with its weight of 0.92 oz that tends to make your pet not to notice it.

It uses a rubber connector to attach a plastic base to the collar with four rubber prongs into four slots, and the GPS device then connects into its plastic base. It can attach to any collar or harness up to 1” wide.

This product requires 3G services that are provided by AT&T, and you will need to select a subscription plan for activation and at least one Wi-Fi network connection.

Its GPS device uses two satellite systems which are GPS and GLONASS that elevates local Wi-Fi and cellular tower data. It comes along with collar attachment, USB charging cable, and a Quickstart guide.

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What Is This Product Suitable For?

Whistle 3 as a pet tracker and activity monitor is made for paw parents who aim to give the best care for their pets particularly for those who are having a hard time keeping their little friends intact within their compound.

Safety is the most priority concern, given the number of pets who are lost from their homes that end up fighting for their survival after getting lost without having tracked is quite high.

This can be a good and smart investment particularly for those dog owners. Being the most common pet, dogs are on the top list of lost pets.

What makes it worst, lost dogs usually end up astray, getting hit by vehicles, getting infected by diseases from other stray animals or the most dreadful would be getting butchered by dog-eater.

Also, busy people who have less time to monitor their pets’ whereabouts can easily supervise them through pet tracking.

People who are tired of chasing their pets out of nowhere, particularly in urban areas where there are more of tendencies of getting lost and stolen that makes it helpful in decreasing the number of dogs being caged in the shelter. With all its essential qualities and installed programs, you and your pet can live with peace and ease.

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Since it is believed that innovative smart technologies appeal to be likely cost-effective, sustainable option to ensure animal welfare, Whistle 3 GPS might be a practical asset for the pet and the owner.

It works more than just a lavish accessory for their collars. It has also been established that the device has a considerate advantage when it comes to tracking sustainability and manufacturability.

It serves as your lending hand on keeping your buddies safe and well taken care of. It aids in leveraging the discipline of your pets. However, it is a bit cranky when it used at a location with a weak signal or Wi-Fi connection.

Since the density of cell towers available in the area defines the accuracy of the location. Thus, it is highly recommended in urban areas because the accuracy decreases as there are fewer cell towers in the area.

Nevertheless, for paw parents who wished to upgrade their paw parenting activities, Whistle 3 GPS pet tracking and activity monitoring device might be the best solution.